Tina Brunetti


 My Intense love and respect for animals and nature drives me to paint. My goal is to communicate to the world the importance of ecological balance between humans and Mother Earth through my artwork. I create vivid colorful translucent alcohol ink paintings through the application of alcohol ink to aluminum, steel, copper, and more recently, brass sheets. Prior to applying the alcohol ink, texture is added to metal with grinding tools, or a torch is applied to the copper to produce vibrant intricate colors or an "aged" blue green patina is created by chemically treating the copper with salt and ammonia. These unique processes create stunning colors and patterns that results in multi-patterned light refractions. The transparency of the alcohol ink lets the patterns on the treated metal shine through. The layering of pigments and use of dremel tools to add fine details produces a 3-dimensional effect that make my landscape, animal, and Native American paintings come to life.

Even though I was born in St. Louis, I knew that I would one day move to the Appalachian/Smoky Mountains.  When I visited the Smokies for the first time, over thirty years ago, I knew my heart belonged to this region.  The areas’ beauty and wilderness inspire my love for nature and wildlife.

I reside in Loudon, Tennessee with my husband and business partner, David Watson.  Between us, we have three grown children and three grandsons.  We also have a Great Dane and a lab/mix.


Artist Statement

While painting my animals, especially protected or endangered species, I am in a zone. I feel like I have been given the mission to remind people of their importance to the earth and the environment. They need to be respected, they need to be safe, they need to be loved, they need to be alive.